Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method for PERMANENT hair removal.

Serving Plano, Frisco, Richardson, McKinney, North Dallas and Allen.

Practicing as a Professional Electrologist for over 27 years.

Why Electrolysis?

Most women and some men have unwanted hair on their face, their body, or both. And many of them struggle with all the temporary methods of hair removal, which is expensive, time consuming, sometimes irritating to the skin, and never ending. Even laser hair removal is only a permanent REDUCTION of hair removal.

ELECTROLYSIS IS PERMANENT!   Once the hair root is destroyed, the hair cannot grow back.

Imagine a carrot growing in the ground — you can pick it, pull it out, or cut it off. Sure enough, another carrot will emerge soon after. But if you remove or destroy the roots, it won't grow back — EVER! That is electrolysis.

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About Doris

After working as a Registered Nurse (RN) for 25 years, I became an electrologist in 1989 and moved from New York to Plano in 1991. My practice has thrived due to my strong commitment to continuing education and my belief that each client is deserving of quality treatment provided by a highly skilled professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:What is electrolysis?

A:Electrolysis is the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved method of permanent hair removal. Various methods are available to the practitioner, yet all are equally effective at rendering the hair follicles incapable of regrowth.

Q:I've never experienced electrolysis. What can I expect on my first visit?

A:I will explain how and why electrolysis works, why it is permanent, the different stages of hair growth with its cycles, and the various methods of electrolysis. That will take about 15 minutes and is complimentary.

After the consultation, you will get a 15 minute treatment if you choose. This will be a trial for you and I will also be able to evaluate your course of treatment. The fee for this treatment is $30.

Q:How much will my electrolysis treatment cost?

A:All services are billed according to the length of treatent (15 minutes minimum; no maximum). Contact us for the latest pricing of our rates which you'll find are competitive in the marketplace.

Q:How much time will it take or how many electrolysis sessions?

A:It depends what your goals are, which can only be assessed by an evaluation of your needs on a case–by–case basis. Please schedule a free, no obligation consultation for more information.

Q:What does electrolysis feel like?

A:As with any hair removal technique, clients may experience some discomfort during the procedure which can be minimized with the application of a topical anesthetic. However, you'll experience no lasting effects once the treatment is concluded.

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"I lived with facial hair from my teens until my early 40's when Doris started treatments. When I first came to her office, Doris was very kind and friendly, and made me feel relaxed. I was very ashamed of the amount of hair I had on my face, but Doris was reassuring and put me at ease.

We began treatments and I had to come frequently and regularly. It was worth every bit of time and money I spent, because I am now hair free."

Because of her, I am now a more confident person.

Thank you, Doris!"

"I am a nurse and have had electrolysis for 45 years. When I found Doris, I was searching for someone: professional, experienced, reasonably priced, convenient, flexible hours, gentle technique and effective.

Doris, is a nurse, has years of experience in electrolysis, is much more reasonable than many salons in the area, is easy to access, always has appointment times, very clean work environment, follows infection control standards and has a very gentle touch.

I am so glad I found her — she met all my expectations and after 3 years under her care, I continue to be very satisfied. Perhaps you should give her a call!"


"I have been going to Doris for several years — I have a lot of areas that needed to be worked on. I had previously gone to 7 or 8 electrologists over the years and was not happy with any of them until I met Doris. In addition, I had some bad experiences (e.g., scabs and bruises) from the other electrologists. Needless to say, I was a little hesitant about going to someone else after my last experience but knew I still had areas to be worked on.

I called Doris and discussed my previous experiences and she took the time to talk to me and answer all of my questions. I asked her about the type of machine she uses and the settings. She is very knowledgeable about treatment methods, types of electrolysis machines and time-frames for treatment. She was shocked when I told her I had scabs and she wouldn't work on me the first time I went to see her because they had not healed yet. I feel very safe and comfortable with her, especially since she was a former nurse. She always takes the time to determine what needs to be done and is always willing to give updates and advice on my progress. She is the most professional electrologist that I have gone to. I have recommended her to several friends and I don't often recommend professionals (I only recommend professionals if they are on my A+ list). She is very warm and friendly and always makes me feel at home. She takes an interest in what I have going on in my life and I never have felt like I was just another client, like I did at previous electrologist's offices. I actually look forward to my sessions (if you can believe that!). I highly recommend her.

PS — I also have laser hair removal done on one area and the hair still grows back. It is lighter and thinner than it was, but it still grows back. I have been doing laser on that area for about 10 years and still have to go back. I do believe electrolysis is the most permanent form of hair removal."


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